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04/03/2007 A bit later than expected but here is a new version and a small update on the gallery
Release of Version 0.6b.
New features:

  • Added Architectural material option
  • Fixed integration with our sister plug-in SuperGrass
  • Fixed some bugs in material assignment

03/04/2007 Sorry we are a bit busy with other projects. Therefore, we only have a small update but the next one hopefully coming by the end of this month will include some major new functionality
Release of Version 0.4b.
New features:

  • Added Knot torus to the extended object list thanks go to Chris West for providing the necessary information. (Thanks Chris)

01/07/2007 Happy new year to all of you out there. And to celebrate the new year there is a new release
Release of Version 0.3b.
New features:
  • Added Max9 versions both 32bit and 64bit
  • Fixed bug with bottom floor plane of the box when it was generated in top view
  • Other minor fixes


12/15/2006 Updated Gallery
Gallery has been updated with a few more example images


11/26/2006 Release of Version 0.2b.
New features:

  • Added Return of the infamous chrome face object
  • Automatically grouping of interior and box objects should make it easier to manipulate scene
  • Minor fixes
Grab your latest copy here
Gallery has been updated with a few more example images

11/12/2006 Initial release

AFK is proud to bring you the first initial release of the Cornellbox Generator (Version 0.1b) a free 3D plug-in for Autodesk 3D Studio Max. This plug-in allows you to build arbitrary Cornell box scenes in 3D Studio Max in just a few seconds. No more worries, no more product deadlines that can not be met due to missing test cases, and you will never run out of test scenes for your freshly shiny new render plug-in. Just go to the download section of this page and download your totally free plug-in today!