NEWS SuperGrass becomes hYperGrass

hYperGrass is a total revamp of the popular SuperGrass Autodesk 3dsmax plug-in. It is now working in conjunction with mental ray render proxies allowing far bigger lawns by using far less memory and decreasing rendering time and increasing the host application responsiveness by at least an order of magnitude. hYperGrass will currently only work in connection with mental ray as the selected render since 3dsmax scanline doesn't allow the usage of geometry proxies. Support for other popular 3rd party renders might follow. On the other hand since the main part is now implemented for mental ray it theoretically allows using hYperGrass in other host application that support mental ray custom shaders besides Autodesk 3dsmax.
An early alpha version for 3dsmax 2009-2011 32/64bit is available for interested parties. If you like to get access to the alpha version just register onto our forum and send a message to one of the forum Adminstrator. They will send you a download link along with install instructions.
Any futher development of SuperGrass is with this announcement officially terminated!

V0.71b released

V 0.71 and therefore the offical second version of SuperGrass sqrt(2) has been released. You can pick it up from the download section. New features include:
  • Build for 3ds Max 2010 32bit and 64bit
For comments or if you want to see further development of this plug-in and have some feature requests either send us an email at

or use our new forum

SuperGrass sqrt(2)?

Yes SuperGrass is back. After development has stopped more than two years ago simply because of lack of time and focus on other projects. Afterwards the source code was believed to have been lost in the digital ether. Fortunately, a version was found on a USB stick a couple of weeks ago. So theroetically speaking the development could continue. The first thing that was done was to compile the Plug-in and mental ray shader to a newer version of 3D Studio max, the old Plug-in was only compatible to 3D Studio Max V9. The download section contains a link to the new build as well as the old version that was compatible from 3D Studio Max 7 to 3D Studio Max 9.

Help us!

If the development on SuperGrass will be continued basically depends on you! Since there is only a finite amount of time possible to spend it is worth knowing if there is actually any demand to continue with this project or not. So how can you help to make this decission. Simply tell us if you would like development continued and what features you would like to see to be added in the future? For example would you like to focus us more on the mental ray side of things, eventually moving the whole functionality into mental ray standalone shaders and therefore making it accessible to other applications besides Autodesk 3D Studio Max ? If there are enough encouraging enquiries development will contine and a user forum will be set up. Simply just email us at

and tell us your opinion.
Alternatively we are currently running a testphase of our side wide forum check it out here