Requirements and restrictions

This mental ray shader should work with mental ray version 3.6 and upwards for Autodesk 3ds max 2009,2010,2011 and Autodesk Maya 2009,2010,2011 and potentially with any other applications that uses version 3.6 or above and allows the usage of custom shaders.

Current version and change history

Version 0.50b
  • Fixed Autodesk Maya include file so that mrPainterGeometry shader actually shows up in the hypershade UI!

Installation & usage

Autodesk 3ds Max

  • Place mrPainterShader.dll either the 64bit version if you are running 64bit 3dsmax or 32bit version if you are running 32bit 3ds max to "Max_install_dir"/mentalray/shaders_autoload/shaders
  • Place mrPainterShader_max.mi to "Max_install_dir"/mentalray/shaders_autoload/include
  • Add mrGeomShaderObject.dlo to any of your 3ds Max Plug-in directorys. You can find mrGeomShaderObject.dlo in your 3ds Max SDK installation or in case you do not want to install the SDK or do not have the SDK (3ds max Design) you can get a copy of mrGeomShaderObject.dlo from the Dave's Max Plug-Ins website.
  • When you start up 3ds Max you might now you might get an error after launching in the Render Message dialog saying something like "mrPainterStateShader has no apply type. This shader cannot be used ...". Do not worry about this error message this just means mrPainterShader is using a shader type 3ds max does not know about but it still will work!
  • If you want to use mrPainter go to your object creation tab and change from standard primitives to a newly available mental ray selection. Select this and then select mrShader. This will create a 3ds scene node which you can apply geometry shaders to. It does not matter how big you make that scene node since it will not actually appear in the render output. Click on the shader selection and select under mental ray mrPainter.

Autodesk Maya

  • Place mrPainterShader.dll either the 64bit version if you are running 64bit Maya or 32bit version if you are running 32bit Maya to "Maya_install_dir"/mentalray/lib
  • Rename mrPainterShader_maya.mi to mrPainterShader.mi and place in your "Maya_install_dir"/mentalray/include
  • For using create a dummy object, for example a cube.
  • Create mental ray mrPainterShader geometry shader and assign it to the transform node of your previously generated dummy object.
  • Make sure you specify a correct temporary file for the dumpFile attribute and make sure that Maya will have write permission on that directory or file. Otherwise it could cause a mental ray crash. The dumpFile is a temporary file that is required to store some informations in for the final output.