This little mental ray shader is a fun project that came out of some investigation how much or how deep is it possible to influence and alter the mental ray standard rendering sampling process. This shader tries to mimick a painterly artistic look seen on classic oil painting and similar media but using mental ray photorealistic rendering engine. This is not done via a post-processing effect as a image manipulation filter but actually by just cleverly placing the samples via a mental lens shader and putting the results back together in a final output shader with some additional filtering. It is not perfect yet since the painting pattern that currently emerge looks a bit too regular. But the good part is it is really really quick so you can use it alternatively as an extremly quick preview render since it will give you better results than the standard mental ray low sampling options. There are a couple of restrictions with this shader other post processing / output shaders will not work with this one also third party mental ray lens shaders will not work with this. Exposure controls are currently ignored since the raw samples are captured and explicit exposure controls are done outside the shaders control

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