Microfacet Glass

Microfacet Glass is a shader for mental ray that simulates the appearance of a rough glass surface. It is mostly based on the GGX microsurface model published by Walter et. al at the Eurographics Symposium on Rendering in 2007. This means compared to most other glass shaders you can find in the rendering world this one actually tries to physically plausible model the optical effect of a rough reflecting and refracting surface. Including self occlussion and shadowing due to the individual micro facets.
The shader itself should in theory work with mental ray version 3.6 upwards and specifically with Autodesk 3ds Studio max and Autodesk Maya.
If you download and use this shader please send an email to mental Images customer support and request for them to include accessible ray derivatives in upcoming mental ray releases this would greatly improve the sampling decision on shader level without increasing the general sampling, thank you!