Warm-cool-shading This little JAVA3D applet demonstrates a tone based cool warm shading as first presented in [Gooch98] it uses multipass rendering technique for adding specular highlights.

This version uses the OpenGL approximation of the "exact" model descriped by the equation:

I = ((1+L dot N)/2) * kCool + ((1 - (1 + L dot N) / 2) * kWarm
kCool = (0,0,b) + alpha * kD
kWarm = (y,y,0) + beta * kD

This TestApplet also uses the 3DS loader from Starfire Research

You can download the fullsource here

[Gooch98] A Non-Photorealistic Lighting Model For Automatic Technical Illustrations / Amy Gooch, Bruce Gooch, Peter Shirley, Elaine Cohen Department of Computer Science University of Utah